New Orleans Thanksgiving

It is by no mistake that Thanksgiving in New Orleans has become a Lanter family tradition and my favorite holiday of the year. My Godparents, Dale and Doug Curry live in New Orleans; a city I have had the fortune to know my entire life. Rooted in French influence, the culinary scene in New Orleans is unique and world class. Like the people of New Orleans, their food has soul! And, like Paris, it’s difficult to find a poor meal. We always try a couple of restaurants then cook at home the rest of the time. Dale was the food editor for the New Orleans Picayune for 27 years and has written two cook books. So…..the turkeys are deep fried and the epic flag is raised during Thanksgiving week in NOLA!
This year, we checked out La Coquette restaurant on Magazine Street. We had incredible dining experience with chef/owner Michael Stoltzfus at the helm; hog’s headcheese, house charcuterie, butternut squash cavatelli with fried chicken, red snapper, beef short rib with corn pudding, and on and on. Anyone in New Orleans must check out this incredible restaurant that has been there since 2008.
On Thanksgiving my cousin, Matt Foss, deep fried three turkeys (so we’d have an extra for leftovers). The turkeys are always injected with delicious seasonings the night before. Among the accompaniment highlights were oyster stuffing, Cajun rice (chock full of offals) and sweet potato casserole.
And, we couldn’t leave without eating Doug’s delicious oysters served three ways: on the half shell, deep fried, and roasted. Served with boiled corn and shrimp and NOLA Abita Amber beer. Yes please!!!

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